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I wanted to make everyone aware of this woman. Her name is Irena Sendler. This brave woman was honored by the “Parliament” in Warsaw Poland, for her courageous acts performed during War World II. She is personally responsible for saving an estimated 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazi Regime. Sendler led twenty other people who smuggled Jewish children out of the “Warsaw Ghetto” stemming from 1940 – 1943 while placing these children in orphanages, with families, or even convents to hide them from the Nazi’s.

The point of my relating this story is to encourage you to think and plan ahead for your future, especially if you are at midlife. Most people don’t think ahead and the result is that the unmanaged aging process takes over and does whatever it is going to do. Many, if not most people believe that “what will happen will happen” no matter how well you plan, but that’s not entirely true. Certainly, bad things, including the normal ravages of time and heredity can do bad things to people who do their best to take care of themselves. However, I promise there is so much you can to avoid problems.

In spite of our challenges, there were times when our old relationship surfaced. My mother would talk about her childhood and mine. She spoke often of her love for history. “I should have been a history teacher,” she would often say. We spent time researching the ancestry of her maternal grandmother. We laughed together, remembering my father and his fishing obsession. We were happy. Those days were golden. Even now, when I’m in her old bedroom, I can still feel their rare sweetness.

Adaptive clothes help the resident in a nursing home software be comfortable in a simple task of putting on their clothes. It also has the added benefit that even with limited mobility the cared for person can help with the process of putting on their own clothes. This helps give them a sense of being able to still have a level of independence since they are actively helping put their arms through the dress or shirt and it is just being done up at their back.

As we get older, our appetites tend to decrease. A diet based on low fat and high quality foods can help to reverse the effects of aging and to reduce high blood pressure. Try to include many fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid processed and packaged foods as they contain more fat, more salt and less potassium than our bodies need.

Long term care insurance can mean the difference between living out your life the way you want or receiving welfare or becoming a burden to your family. It is important to find out what is the best plan for you by consulting an experienced elder law attorney.

Marketing Coaching Tip: Are You An Expert In Your Field Or Are You The Handyman?

Internet commerce is booming, which means businesses must turn to new avenues for reaching their customer base. A great technique to increase your customer base is through online videos. This advice can help you learn how to make videos to promote your business.

I do always talk with the journalists; they are very smart and interesting people. Whenever you are speaking with an interesting person, no matter what field they are in, ask questions. Being smart, the journalists attempt, at very strategic points, to get you to say what they want. To be good at persuasion, you must be subtle.

This article just briefly touched on the community aspect of Web 2.0. There is also another perspective that focuses more the technology behind the phenomenon. Although the technological facets of Web 2.0 are equally intriguing, your website does not have to be state of the art in order to effectively engage your customers. Start with the basics and move forward from there. Start getting Web 2.0 ready today. Chances are, a year from now, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Blogging allows you to give your clients a taste of what you are capable of providing. Like a book or an article, it can educate your clients. It can prepare them to deal with you. And it can convince them that you are the proper organization to call. All without selling.

Again, there is a simple starting point. Clearly identify in your own mind what information you will be sending out, who should read it, and why. Don’t make the mistake of confusing your ezine for some slapped together flyer! It must be set up such that it meets the needs of its readers and the objectives of your company’s campus solutions. This fine balance does exist – and your success will depend on developing your strategy before deploying your own ezine.

Debit cards are a much better alternative to credit cards since you can only spend money that you actually have in your account. That does not mean you do not have to be careful with debit cards. If you are using an ATM that is not owned by your bank, you could end up paying as much as per transaction, just to get cash. In addition, you may be charged each time you use your debit card at the store, if you don’t select the “debit” button. Debit cards can be a great money management tool in our automated world, but there are still rules to follow to avoid getting ripped off.

Today, Mar. 5, mixed martial arts action returns to Seneca Niagara with Raging Wolf XI at 6 p.m. Tickets start at to see Raging Wolf Welterweight Champion Nuri Shakir take on Tom Egan in the main event and Luigi Fioravanti versus Mike Guerin in the co-main event.

No need sarcasm there. What we are talking about here is the ability for your resume to change their mindset when reading your resume. Remember you are a reader, a reporter, and you want to affect your readers.

You must create a referral marketing engine that systematically turns clients and referral networks into 24 hour marketing powerhouse. The first step in the system is to make providing referrals a condition of doing business with your firm.

In closing, this is just one example of the Devil’s work. These are the end times. We need two eyes looking six ways to Sunday’s teleevangelist sermons.

The Greatest Locations To Meet Older Ladies

‘Goddess Ying’, that’s what she calls herself. Ying is her name and Huang, her family name. I saw her, met her, held her one Spring Festival night at a swanky night club.

His version of “Georgia On My Mind” became the official state song of Georgia in 1979. He also recorded a beautiful version of “America The Beautiful”.

Too bad Jaimee Grubbs didn’t have the same seven-figure opportunity. Jaimee Grubbs gave Us Magazine exclusive audio of a voicemail messages and records of text messages that allegedly come from Tiger Woods. It wasn’t long after the Tiger Woods text/ ‘sext’ messages and voicemail came out that Woods issued a statement expressing regret for various “transgressions.” Were the “transgressions” indicative of a Tiger Woods sex addiction?

“I’m Steven Sillers,” he said, breaking into a huge smile and extending his hand. Suddenly Diane felt her eyes opening wide, trying to look anywhere but at the man before her. She nervously groped for her purse while checking her watch.

“Jersey Shore” star and celebrity mixmaster DJ Pauly D has landed a new Las Vegas residency. The 32-year-old Rhode Island native confirmed he’s leaving Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for an exclusive new gig at Aria Resort & Casino on the other side of the strip. “Starting 2013 off with a dope new Las Vegas residency!!!! Haze nightclubs in chicago kicks off Jan 19th !!!” Pauly tweeted on Saturday. “Pauly D is thrilled to partner with Light Group for 2013,” a rep for Pauly D tells

Google Places Listings allow the public to leave reviews, good or bad. Currently for ranking purposes it is a quantity game. However, I would suspect it won’t be long until Google puts more weight on the quality of the review. Not to mention, you may rank better, but a bunch of poor reviews probably won’t help you too much. Reviews may also be given outside of Google on platforms like Yelp, Yellowbot, Cityvoter and Yellowpages.

Richie said that Chris and Jacqueline should be there, but Jacqueline said she does not want to be around all the craziness?? So stay home alone and be crazy, Jacqueline!

If you like surfing or just like looking at surfers with six-pack abs then Kuta beach in Bali is the place to be. Professional surfers and beginners can find the perfect wave here. There are a lot of surf camps to choose from that offer surfing lessons complete with gears, a surfboard and local instructors with an amazing body and a lifetime of surfing. Husbands and dads must watch their girls closely as the surfers can be slick players. For the single women on the lookout for romance, enjoy!

It says a lot that other law firms refer their big cases to us. Other attorneys refer all types of matters to us and for good reason. Our record of obtaining extraordinary results for decades speaks volumes.

# Finally if you fancy something really exotic then you may want to put a smile on your single friends faces [and looks of worry on the faces of the wives of your married mates] then how about a stag night at a premier table dancing venue? If sophisticated elegant ladies willing to dance naked for you at your table is your thing, then table dancing clubs are the place to be – but remember no touching!